Weekly Crossword 1 - So You Think You Know Wales

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1 One of the two longest rivers flowing entirely within Wales.
2 The Town of Seven - famous for its beach.
3 A historic market town, administrative centre, and holiday resort within Ceredigion, West Wales.
4 In which Welsh Castle might you find the 'Leaning Tower'?
5 Which Welsh castle was equipped with Gothic towers and interiors by the architect William Burges in the 19th Century?
6 In which Welsh castle was Henry VII born in 1457?
7 Which native Welsh castle, constructed by Rhodri the Great later became the chief seat of his grandson Hwyel Dda?
8 Visionary and aministrative division.
9 Welsh strait
10 Birthplace of Roald Dahl.
11 Libya Let Err
1 One of the two longest rivers flowing entirely within Wales.
2 Welsh river, famed for its salmon.
3 Dissolute former Abbot of Caldey Island.
4 Winner of Britain in Bloom competition -, Large Village award in 2005.
5 Home of the Gladstone Library.
6 Site of the "most crooked church in Great Britain."
7 River, boundary between England and Wales.
8 In which Welsh castle might you find the 'Yellow Tower of Gwent'?
9 This castle in Pembrokeshire looks somewhat careworn.
10 A herder from Pembroke or Carmarthen.
11 There is one of these in South Wales and Oregon.
12 Birthplace of Dylan Thomas.
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