Nadolig Llawen - A Welsh Christmas Crossword


Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to all our readers and members. Try our Welsh Christmas crossword below. Rated: medium difficulty.

For help with Welsh vocabulary please go here:- Nadolig Llawen - A Welsh Christmas Phrase Primer Courtesy of John Good


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1 The last person out of bed on December 26th might find themeselves beaten with sprigs of prickly holly! This was called ******* ?
2 Welsh for holiday.
3 Welsh for snowball.
4 Nos Galan Races are held every year on New Year's Eve in which Welsh valleys town?
5 The Welsh boiled toffee in open pans to make ***** ?
6 What animal's skull and jaw do you need to make a Mari Lwyd?
7 What fruit would you make a calennig out of?
8 Popular Welsh carol and dancing tune?
9 Who wrote 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'?
10 What is the day after Christmas called in Wales?
11 What is the Welsh word for Christmas?
12 In which Welsh county will you find Bethlehem?
1 A New Years Eve battle of insults and verse with a dead horse on your doorstep is called a *****?
2 On Twelfth Night in 19th century Wales, groups of men would go out ‘Hunting the ****’?
3 Welsh for church.
4 Welsh for present.
5 Santa Claus in Welsh.
6 What Welsh tradition involves singing hymns between 3-6 a.m. on Christmas morning?
7 Trick or treating Welsh style on New Years Eve?
8 Popular Welsh Christmas carol.
9 **** **** is a Christmas wassailing folk custom found in South Wales.
10 'New year' in Welsh?
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