Welsh Place Name Anagram Crossword 1

Can you solve our Welsh Place Name Anagram Crossword? All the clues below conceal the name of a Welsh town or village. Enjoy.....pob lwc :)
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1 Nasal Ridgy Sty
2 Gametes
3 Hit Run
4 Late Perm
5 Has Dug Fir
6 El Woe
7 Acorn Eel
8 Badge Ear Orb
9 Bull Whistle
10 Major Lawn Tilt
11 Sinner Goo
12 Chow Fir
1 Panty Rest
2 Piracy Hell
3 Wart Gnome
4 Yard Hare
5 Rare Shirt
6 Lady He Ho
7 Feral Den
8 Arab Oven
9 Chants May Dry
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